SmartLife is an NPO/NGO

A lot of kudos should go to our blue collar friends for the development we see around us. SmartLife reciprocates this courtesy by helping them become more empowered individuals; by educating them to walk towards a better tomorrow; by unleashing their dormant, hidden potential; by ensuring their future is more secure. SmartLife strives to be their wholesome partner in their progress.

Join hands with us

As a not-for-profit organization, working for the betterment of blue collar workers, help with volunteering would greatly help us.

Passion to help

If you have the right selfless passion to help the less privileged, you are the ones we are looking for. Do contact us.

Creative Ideas

You can help us with offering your innovative ideas as to what further we can do with our projects, existing and new.

Special Skills

If you possess talent in singing, dancing, games, art etc., do contact us. We can use your service to help the blue collar friends.

Marketing Skills

Few of our projects need support by raising funds to run them, if you have strong marketing skills or connections, do contact us.

Management Skills

If you possess management skills, please contact us, we need you to manage, streamline and enhance our projects.

If you are looking for Volunteering or Internship

Kindly go through our projects and write to us mentioning your areas of interest

Join hands with us

Our Projects

All our projects are designed with complete insight on how those will really help the end user. Each project is getting iterated periodically by expert scholars in our advisory board as well as the beneficiaries in brainstorming sessions.


Every parent dreams of a better future and quality education for their offspring. Sapna offers scholarships to the most deserving, after an in-depth study of each case.

Sapna Wall is a signature event of Smart Sapna. Sapna does not stop with just doling out money, but is also involved in mentoring parents, monitoring the child’s education, keeping track of progress by constant interaction with principals of schools, the student and his / her parents.


The project adopts a `Buddy system’ where we will have a certain number of Dubai buddies (students) who will be paired with the Native buddies (students in their own countries) and who will inspire and motivate each other. This student-pairing will be based on same gender, common language and preferably same age group

The activity will be monitored closely by senior adult volunteers from SmartLife, who will mentor both the Dubai and Native buddy (who are both students).


This is in line with the Reading Initiative being promoted by HH Sheikh Hamdan  bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai.

Fridays will find our volunteers reaching out to camps encouraging the reading habit.

The project has a module in place with end objectives clearly laid out.


This is a platform for talented singers and dancers discovered through our SmartIdol program to showcase their talent. SmartBand has performed in various Government events and Corporate functions.

More details


SmartRelaxation is a project that teaches yoga, meditation and breathing techniques to blue collar men and women. The follow up sessions every week is bound to make the practice a way of life.


SmartFitness aims to offer them a fitter version of themselves, albeit the fun way, with a weekly session of aerobics, Zumba dancing, just swaying to music, jumps, loops, healthy run or anything equally enjoyable.


This is to do with games such as cricket, football, etc. that generates great interest. Each participating team has an equal mix of white and blue collar players.

A CSR initiative that any organisation can be proud of! More than 130 Corporates have participated in the past nine years.

More details


This is an exciting platform provided to the blue collar work force to exhibit their talent in singing, dancing and playing musical instruments.

This increases their confidence levels, enables them to perform in front of an audience and to win prizes. Years 2013 to 2015 saw around 1200 blue collar workers participating in SmartIdol. Winners become a part of our SmartBand. A SmartIdol winner, a delivery boy is now a professional singer on Zee TV, a matter of great pride to us.

More details


Through this project we offer free health check up primarily to do with diabetes and hyper tension in labour camps. More than 2000 labourers have so far benefited from this project, executed in partnership with Aster Group / DM Healthcare.


We identify deserving labour camps and multiply their joy with corporate give away’s.

Bed linen, furniture, water coolers, footwear, food stuff are some of the free stuff donated in the past years. Particularly during the Holy month of Ramadan, we offer Iftar meal to various camps, through support from corporate outfits. Over the years, more than 200,000 people have benefited from our SmartDistribution.

SmartSkills Workshop

Smart Skills Workshop is a free training session for skilled / unskilled labourers which will enable them to develop and acquire skills, which in turn is bound to lead to self-development and lay the path for better productivity at work.


This is a project exclusively designed for ladies, wherein we help them develop their hobbies such as knitting, sewing, gardening, quilting, cooking, origami, basket making, etc.

The idea behind this project is to enable the women to use their spare time creatively and productively, thus keeping negative thoughts if any at bay.


SmartRozgar is a project that connects unemployed blue collar friends to job opportunities in UAE. With both CV`s and job vacancies uploaded on our Rozgar portal, the connection is established seamlessly with no recruiting agent and associated costs in the middle.

Please visit


After several decades of working in the Gulf when blue collar workers go back home, often they find the children they have worked hard for all through their life have branched off in search of their own lives. These labourers are left alone in their old age and often with depleted savings.

SmartElder is a program where we talk to them and guide them about how to conduct their lives post retirement, deal with old age problems, manage finances wisely to take care of the geriatric period, manage family relationships without animosity and similar.


Talented blue collar artists undergo training with experts to enhance their skills. Due to such meticulous training, a painting by a blue collar artist was exhibited in an International Art Exhibition. This was noticed by a German artist who invited him to be part of a prestigious exhibition in Germany.

Amateur artists will be connected to professional artists and undergo training to realize their ambitions and bring to the forefront their dormant talent.

This project is in the pipeline.

Our Associations

We have worked with almost all the corporates & organisations, just siting few here.

Special Mentions:

Project ‘AKSHAR’, which is the promotional activity done by FP7 for getSMART project made SmartLife as CSR Brand,
leaving behind all commercial entities. SmartLife won 2nd position in UAE, 3rd position in The Middle East, 5th position in Middle East & Africa, 19th position in the World

Project ‘SAPNA WALL’, promotional video done by FP7 won 2 Golds, 2 Silvers, 1 Bronze Awards

Community Development Authority

Licensed as NGO by CDA since 2013

Consulate General of India, Dubai

Always a well-wisher of SmartLife


Official Partner in SmartCup


Supporting partner for the blue collared community

The New York Times

Published half page article on SmartCup


Shot " telecasted 10 mins documentary on SmartCup

Engage Dubai

Member of ‘Engage Dubai’ by Dubai Chamber of Commerce

Eton Institute

Partner in Smart Reading

Eton Institute

Partner in Smart Reading - Arabic


Official Support Company

Dans Institute

Partner in SmartIdol

Target Gym

Partner in SmartFitness / SmartRelaxation

UAE Exchange

Title sponsor for SmartIdol 2016

The Lighthouse Cohort

CSR Partner

Dubai Eye

Live interview several times

Dubai Lynx

Won various awards for our project AKSHAR

Dubai One

Live interview several times

Dubai Television

Live interview several times

Effie Awards

Won various awards for our project SAPNA WALL

Emirates NBD

Partner in our project SOUL FOR SOLE

Gulf News

Serveral articles " live interviews

Gulf Today

Serveral articles " live interviews

Josh FM

Official Partner in SmartIdol 2015

Khaleej Times

Official Partner in SmartCup for past 9 years

The National

Serveral articles " live interviews

About Us

We are not just making their lives a little better, a little more comfortable, slightly more empowered. But, we are also richly rewarding ourselves as a community. This might be through a positive action, a mere handshake or just in the peace that comes from knowing that we made difference in someone’s life.

Video Intro

SmartLife is an NPO/NGO

Although it is slightly hard to notice, the glamour and skyscrapers of the city of Dubai owe its magnificence to a bunch of people who are often forgotten. The group of workers who work hard day in and day out under the persistent sun of the place we can no more call a desert. Clad in fluorescents and adorned by numerous beads of sweat, these people populate in large numbers. They come from almost all the South Asian and African countries looking to touch dreams that are perhaps very much out of their reach.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is where we come in.

SmartLife is an NPO/NGO that was envisaged a few years ago, by some key members. Despite the infancy interims of age, we are supported today by many – ranging from business school alumni, heads of many Financial/ Advertising/ FMCG/ GIS organizations, etc.

Our basic aim and objective, therefore, is your average blue collar worker. His/her development and overall benefit is what we consider our priority. Whether that’s by setting them up with free English language lessons every week or by providing mentoring, even occasional trips outside the labour camps. We consider it a small and satisfying way of helping the blue collared workers take a step out of their routine and realise their true potential.

Communicating the idea, and spreading the message is an essential and therefore primary goal. We’ve had full page ads/articles in local newspapers, magazines, TV stations, and been on air several times. We have also made use of social media to communicate our cause and attract sufficient support for the same.

We invite organizations, and like-minded professionals to contribute in developing this idea and offering a part of their resources to help source this venture. In this regard, we plan to conduct ideation camps that will see various ideas being exchanged. The various project teams will then ensure that these ideas are tested out and inculcated into the operations of SmartLife.

It is to be noted that we work in full adherence with the law of the land and are registered with the Community Development Authority of Dubai.

Finally, as we sign off, we would like to remind anyone reading this that we are not just making their lives a little better, a little more comfortable, slightly more empowered. But, we are also richly rewarding ourselves as a community. This might be through a positive action, a mere handshake or just in the peace that comes from knowing that we made difference in someone’s life.

Our projects are developed over nine years of working with blue collar workers, each project will fall into any one of the following categories

  • Knowledge
  • Sports
  • Personal Care
  • Talent
Interested to join hands with us?

Our Achievements

People got educated
No of children getting scholarship every year
No of people gone through health checkup
No of singers/dancers auditioned in camps

Our History

Started on 16 March 2009 with few food distributions in labour camps

Conducted Seminars " one day workshops on Etiquette, Personality Development " various other useful topics for white collar people by experts and invited them to serve less privileged community. First SmartCup held in Insportz.

Conducted SmartCup in Zabeel Park over 4 weeks as outdoor tournament with 24 teams using ICC Certified Team.

Handled few rescue operations for laborers, taking their cases to Police Dept.

New projects were inducted. Involved Eton Institute into the education program officially to enhance the operation.

Helped lots of corporates to reach out to the labour camps through volunteering & distributions.

Registered officially with CDA as an NGO. SmartCup become an annual event.

Few more rescue operations were carried out. Started Spoken English Classes for 15 people, later joined hands with IIM Alumni Team. SmartIdol & SmartArt was held successfully.

Become member of 'Engage Dubai' by Chamber of Commerce. SmartIdol 2014 held in Indian Consulate Auditorium.

More than 600 people were studying Spoken English, 60 teateachers from various nationalities were teaching. More new projects were inducted. Our Volunteer Poll increased. Got more support from corporates, media & other organisations.

Discontinued getSMART project. New projects like SmartWomen, SmartMeditation & SmartSenior got initiated.

With new board in place, operation style become more efficient, SmartIdol 2015 held in Sheikh Rashid Auditorium with 1200 audition.


Among the glitz and glamour of the city of Dubai, often we forget about the group of workers who work hard every day. Clad in fluorescents, these people populate in large numbers. They come from South Asian and African countries to the United Arab Emirates in the hopes to make their dreams a reality. Since its launch in 2009, SmartLife has been working tirelessly to better the lives of the blue collar workers working in the UAE with the help of government entities, business school alumni, heads of many financial, advertising, FMCG and GIS organizations. As of today, we have twelve project initiatives, each targeted to help enrich the lives of the blue collar friends.
In the UAE, SmartLife involves residents and citizens through volunteering opportunities, helping to raise awareness, fundraising, and help in sponsoring project initiatives.
Over the last nine years, we have helped educate more than 5000 people, offered scholarships to 15 children, aided more than 2000 people to get free health checkup and have discovered more than 1800 talented singers and dancers.
Students interns should clock in 30 hours of volunteering under a SmartLife mentor to merit a certificate. Contact us for further details.
We can certainly do much better we have more helping hands. If you are interested in contributing your spare time to the less privileged community, please send a mail to us.
You can officially apply for internship mentioning your skill set, period available etc. We will assign you an appropriate task. Once the task is accomplished successfully, we can offer you certificate.
If you are a Philanthropist, you can support any of our project by funding. If you process any special skill sets like Singing, Dancing etc. you can teach our blue collar friends.

How do we work?

Our Year calendar is fixed 1 year ahead.
We work towards the upcoming projects as separate teams.
In all our projects, we involve our blue collar team members in all level of execution to make sure whether we work in a direction which will really benefit them.













Meet The Team

With the constant support of our Advisory Panel, BOD executes all the projects with passion as the Coreteam members " Support Team has extremely great expertise " interpersonal skills. However our volunteers pool which comprises of both white " blue collars does the job on floor.

Advisory Panel

Tarek Miknas

Executive Member

Siddharth Balachandran

Executive Member

Venkatraman K

Honorary Member

Yasmin Ahmed

Honorary Member

Vinod Mehra

Honorary Member

S. Venkatesh

Honorary Member

Board of Directors

Manjula Ramakrishnan


Stephen Allwyn Moras

Vice President

Suresh Kumar

General Secretary

Nehal Vora

Joint Secretary

Ramakrishnan Venkatachalam


Adel Edris Mohamed Sharif Al Awadhi

Executive Director

Abdulrahman Y. Al Raeesi

Executive Director

Swaroopa Josphine

Director Marketing

Saleem Badnatti

Director Welfare

Project Leads


Manjula Ramakrishnan


Nehal Vohra, Vivek bavasar, Haresh Kheskani, Umadevi Elango

SmartIdol / SmartBand

Indrani Dasgupta, Rohit Gupta, Madhumta Roy, Navya Sajeevan


Eyamini Anbalagan


Mahejabin Baldiwala, Gerald Gaffney


Arnav Shah, Anitha Dayanand


Eyamini Anbalagan, Anbalagan


Amit Arora


Sweety Lulla


Gul Israni, Jyotsna Bhadkamkar, Sakina Sadikot

Support Team

Public Relations & Media

Manjula Ramakrishnan

Volunteers Pool

Arya Poduval

Creative Support

Kalyan Chakravarthy

Social Media & Arabic

Dina Habib

Project Managers Leader (Blue Collar Pool)

Saleem Badnaati

Project Managers Guide

Suresh Kumar


Arun Kumar Krishnan

Co Founder

Kuppuswamy Sureshkumar

Co Founder

Stephen Allwyn Moras

Co Founder

Balaji Jagadeesan

Co Founder

Swaroopa Josphine

Co Founder

Rex Prakash Emmanuel

Co Founder

Get in Touch

Please feel free to contact us at any time, we will revert to you back within 3 days.

Contact Info

PO Box 6834, MCN Hive, Dubai
P: +971 50 450 7946‬ / +971 54 432 0123